Get Zing Zang Get Zing Zang

Before we stocked the bar—we raised it.

Our cocktail mixes are packed with the kind of flavor that makes your hair stand up—then sit back down again out of respect. From the best Bloody Mary Mix you’ve ever tasted to Margarita Mix made with all natural ingredients like Key limes and juicy grapefruits, every Zing Zang mix is, well, good beyond words.

An arm holding a cocktail and an arrow with the text "Boo-yah!" pointing to it
A hand holding a cocktail and an arrow with the text "Boo-yah!" pointing to it

Here’s what’s shaking (and stirring).

Introducing Zing Zang Ready to Drink Cocktails.

Premixed Cocktails

Introducing Zing Zang Premixed Cocktails.

Bloody Mary Mix

“I drink this straight! So good! I use it for the 🌶Chili to give it the right kick!”

-Alan Rothenberg

Blazing Bloody Mary Mix

“Hey Zing Zangers: Send us an email or DM with your quote about Blazing and we may publish it here!”


Margarita Mix

“Bartender not needed for top notch mixed cocktails. Zing Zang is all the ingredients in one bottle.”

-Justin W. Bryant

Mango Margarita Mix

“It’s sweet, juicy and mango-forward”

-Taryn Pire

Strawberry Margarita – Daiquiri Mix

“Yes! My favorite mix!”


Sweet & Sour Mix

“There is not one mix as good as Zing Zang!”

-Laura Ullery

Piña Colada Mix

“Tried others, always go back to Zing Zang, no other even comes close to being as good.”

-Michelle Kalina