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How many flecks of black pepper are in every bottle of Bloody Mary Mix? Would Marg Mix by any other name still taste as sweet? And where can I buy a bottle of premade cocktail mix, like, now? We’ve got the answers to at least some of those questions below.

How did your Mixes become so popular?


Once opened, how long does a bottle stay fresh?

I've noticed color variations and sediment in some of the mixes made with all natural ingredients. Is this normal?

Are Zing Zang products vegetarian friendly?

Does Zing Zang contain gluten?

Do Zing Zang Mixes have any allergens?

Do Zing Zang cocktail mixes contain high fructose corn syrup?

What makes Zing Zang bold and flavorful?

Do you use real fruits and vegetables in your mixes?

Customer Service

What sizes do your products come in?

I had an issue with the Zing Zang cocktail mix I purchased in store. Who should I contact?

Where do I find Zing Zang near me?

Shaken or stirred?

Are your cocktail mixes actually good beyond words?


I'm interested in offering Zing Zang for my restaurant or store. Who should I contact?

Who can I talk to about marketing or sponsorship requests?

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